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How It Works

You activate your speakerphone voice pendant

The unique pendant with built in location capabilities allow you to go virtually anywhere. In an emergency you are able to speak with the professionally trained Reliant ERS operators who receive your location information and can send help virtually anywhere in the United States.

The Reliant ERS pendant calls one of our 24 hour call centers.

Operators at our two around the clock call centers receive your location and emergency call. Our call centers are located in the USA, so you never have to worry about communication difficulties.

Special Touch

Our specially trained operators remain on the call and make sure you are taken care of and you can reach family, friends or medical help 24/7.

Emergency Service

If requested, our operators will call and dispatch correct emergency services to your location, as well as notifying friends, family, or neighbors.

What do we provide?

Peace of mind

We provide the peace of mind to you and your loved ones through the touch of our safety pendant. Our operators are always available to handle any call at any time of day. Knowing that your loved one has help 24/7 whether inside or outside of their home allows you be comfortable and trust they are safe. Help is only a touch of the button away. You can be assured that your safety is in the hands of America's most professional central station with our in-house Security Central monitoring response team.

All Necessary Equipment

Everything is included in one box. The base unit comes to your door already programed and tested by our staff. It comes with a step by step guide of how to plug in your unit, make an initial test call and then it is active and ready to use. Our technical support team is available to assist with any questions you have setting up your emergency response device.

Beneficial Accessories

Our product stands out from others in the personal emergency response systems group because of our mobile pendant that works virtually anuwhere. You communicate directly to the pendant and do not have to be confined to an area near your home.

The system comes packaged with everything necessary, including the charger, night stand, a lanyard and belt clip.

Why Reliant ERS?

All Equipment Included

Everything needed for your system to operate at peak performace is included in your simple monthly pricing.

Unique two way mobile Speakerphone Pendant

The unique two way mobile speakerphone style voice pendant, ensures that you are protected virtually anywhere in the USA. Not just inside your home.

Two 24 Hour Call Centers

Two fully staffed 24 hour call centers ensure that help is at hand no matter what time of day. Even if disaster strikes, a call center will be available to handle your needs.


What's Included

deluxe package
home package


Reliant ERS Home Package
$29.95 Per Month
  • Home Based
  • Base Station + Pendant
  • Pendant with speakerphone
  • Requires landline
  • No Long Term Contract
Reliant ERS Deluxe Package
$39.95 Per Month
  • Works virtually anywhere
  • Mobile pendant
  • GPS locator
  • Charging base
  • Uses cellphone network
  • No Long Term Contract

About Us

Independent & Family Owned

Reliant ERS, a division of Lake Norman Security Patrol Inc. , is an independent, family owned and operated personal emergency response system company located in Statesville, North Carolina. Ralph C. Brown began the company in 1963 and it is now operated by the second and third generations of the Brown family.


Established Group of Companies.

Alarm South and Security Central are the two sister companies to Reliant ERS. Alarm South focuses on custom security needs in the local Lake Norman community and throughout the Carolinas. Security Central is one of the largest central stations in the country and monitors hundreds of thousands of alarms for more than 2000 dealers in all 50 states as well as Canada and Puerto Rico.

President & CEO

Courtney Brown.

Remember. Help is always at the touch of a button

Reliant ERS assists you with your emergency and medical needs 365 days a year. Giving you and your loved ones peace of mind.

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Location Information


316 Security Drive, Statesville, NC 28677
Toll-Free: 1-855-961-SAVE / 1-855-961-7283
Local: 704-978-4400

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